Update: 09/19/2015

  • When the website is added to the homescreen of a mobile device, it will act as an app, meaning that no address bar nor toolbar will be shown and thus allowing for a true full screen experience
  • Confirmation message for joining paid playgrounds.
  • divideCashPoolByPercentage game server setting added. This setting (in combination with the divideCashPoolOverWinners) divides the cash pool by percentages based on the player scores. For example, if one player has a score of 5,000, and the total score of all users was 10,000, this setting will cause him to get 5,000 / 10,000 * 100 = 50% of the cash pool. This prevents against players that join on paid playgrounds in the last seconds to grab profit.
  • All score reports are now logged in the database. We use this to make a statistik,leaderboard page later
  • Staged payments that could not be sent out due to insufficient balance / error are now automatically unflagged and tried again after ~15 minutes (We create a cold wallet soon to store the bitcoins, if there is insufficient balance in game we send new money in and it get paid out after 15 minutes)

Update: 09/26/2015

  • Player count should now always update properly.
  • Users can now join free servers without having to login (does not include faucet servers)
  • Chat has been added - Players can tip other players
  • Minimal changes to the gameserver to speed up the gameplay

Update: 09/28/2015

  • The servers recently received a large patch to optimise the game.

Update: 09/30/2015

  • QRCode generation is now possible on the deposit tab

Update: 10/01/2015

  • Game options are now stored on the client by means of localStorage (when available).
  • Link to block explorer added to transaction details page. Click on it to see the transaction info.
  • Links are now filtered in chat.
  • Statistics page added

Update: 10/02/2015

  • Some optimisations in regards to drawing.
  • A universal framerate limiter is added to the client.
  • "Simple Mode" (for low performance pcs): what this does is force nodes to draw as 'simple', which means no borders and no collision effects-that is, all nodes will just be circles now, except for the virus which retains its shape (but will have a fixed amount of 16 points). Next, it disables skins on all nodes. Finally, it sets the max framerate to 30.

Update: 10/10/2015

  • Nickname is now also stored in local storage (when available)
  • Accounts are now locked for 15 minutes after 5 failed login attempts.
  • Email validation has been added to account registration.
  • The mobile version version got its much-needed update.
  • Multilanguage ui added. We will update all pages in the upcoming days.

Update: 10/16/2015

  • Pot play type added

Update: 10/20/2015

  • New chat overlay added. You are now able to chat while playing. Press T to chat in-game and press y to show/hide the chat.

Update: 10/25/2015

Update: 10/26/2015

  • Chat now contains /r to respond to the last whisper
  • Gameserver got a patch to fix the issue where you'd lose tracking on your cells if they move off-screen

Update: 11/04/2015

  • Provisional balance has been added. For more info:
  • Cookie users have been added. Cookie users function in exactly the same way as normal users, with one exception: they cannot use the chat feature, and thus also cannot tip/donate. A cookie user can claim his balance by logging into a registered (and verified) account. Cookie users also have a unique URL that players can bookmark.
  • Chat now only auto-scrolls if the chat window is scrolled to the bottom. Thus, it allows users to read back chat without having to scroll up again.
  • Users can now request to resend the verification email.
  • User can now request their password to be reset in case they forgot it.
  • Game server option wEjectaDoesNotAddMassToPlayers has been added. W ejecta will no longer add any mass to any player that consumes it, except the original owner of the W ejecta. Bombs are unaffected by this setting.
  • Spectator mode should now update automatically after round end, when the first player joins the game.
  • We added referral payouts from faucet. The value gets added to your provisional balance.

Update: 06/02/2016

  • Player colours are randomised every x seconds now on some playgrounds
  • Message of the day added
  • New Notifications added for the chat to inform about server actions

Update: 07/02/2016

  • Real usernames added to player nodes to be able to better act against teams.
  • If you bought a skin please contact us so we can bind it to your username.

Update: 12/02/2016

Update: 15/02/2016

  • W limited to 5/s
  • Q key added for flood mass
  • Game option mouse control added

Update: 16/02/2016

  • 170 new node colors added

Update: 19/02/2016

  • We added a team playground

Update: 01/04/2016

Moderators and admins can now warn users. To do this, use /warn. The template is /warn <username> <reason>. A reason is required. For example: /warn ticer Teaming is not allowed

For every warning a user gets, his/her warning level is increased (displayed on the account page if warning level is higher than 0). By default, a user can receive up to 3 warnings, an additional warning results in a ban. The warning level goes down at a set interval (default is one week). If the user is warn within that time, the timer is reset to a week. Thus, it takes 3 weeks to get rid of warning level 3. Users can always review all warnings they ever got on their account page, it shows which moderator issued the warning (for transparency and appeal), the reason, and the timestamp.

Likewise, it's possible to warn cookie users by entering their display name, starting with the hash tag. For example: /warn #123456 Teaming is now allowed. However, know that once a cookie user is banned, the system will generate a new cookie user for that person (but any Bitcoins on the previous cookie user will be lost to him).

Update: 12/04/2016

  • Big popup for warned users added

Update: 23/04/2016

  • Leave game (+ refund)
    It's a 'leave early' option for the Pot play type. If you're the only player and the pot consists of only your buy-in, a new button "Leave early" appears, that you can click to instantly leave the game and get your buy-in restored. As soon as another player joins, the button disappears and the function is disabled.

Update: 28/04/2016

  • Practise playground added for all new players with bigblob fun mode
  • Chopcoin api added for developers that want to create nice chopcoin stats (20 latest game stats and scores) - , if you want to grab older data you can use the skip number at the end like this:

Update: 16/05/2016

  • list itemTeam Deathmatch game mode added (The winners are all surviving players of the best team.)
  • The leaderboard for Team Deathmatch is a pie chart showing the percentage scores of the teams.
  • Cells of team members collide with each other just like you would with your own cells.
  • Team win chat notification added in the form of "[server name] -> [team name] team prevailed and won a total of [total] BTC!"
  • All play types have been updated to work with the new game mode
  • /mods command added. (If you see teamers or want to write a message to all mods you can write /mods hey is someone here)
  • The WebSocket module has been updated. This include a security patch and stability updates.
  • The game engine has been optimised and should now have an even smaller bandwidth footprint. For example, leaderboard updates are now only published if it has changed for a specific user. Lagging players should now also not disconnect as quickly.
  • Tiling background image has been added.
  • Throttle FPS option has been added.
  • Performance mode now removes also the background image.
  • Game server "eatingVirusAddsMass" has been added. (You now can eat a virus to get mass)
  • The login/logout name issue has been fixed.