I cannot connect to the game, why?

You may have a browser plugin or a firewall blocking the connection. Please check and try again.

My deposit or withdrawal did not work, what do I do?

Please check your wallet and your account transaction history to be sure that the deposit or withdrawal did indeed not go through. It may sometimes take a short while before the payment is processed. If the deposit or withdrawal did not go through within 30 minutes, please contact us.

What is provisional balance?

Please see our page on provisional balance.

Do i lose coins when i enter a paid playground and no one else joins?

We added a one player protection to all paid playgrounds. If a player joins and nobody else joins for the entire round, he will get his FULL buy-in restored. The condition is that the player has to ride out the entire round.

Some players seem to have a skin, how do I get one?

Some usernames have a skin attached to them. For a list of all users that own a skin, please take a look at the skins page.

Where do the coins in the game come from?

From you, the players! Each time a player buys into the game, this buy-in is added to the cash pool of the current round. This pool is then used to seed food and player cells.

The game is great, but how do you make money?

Right now we don't make any money at all since the costs for the faucet and hosting exceed our income. We gain money by placing advertisements and taking a small fee of every buy-in for the paid playgrounds. This fee is currently at 5% and helps us to sustain the costs.

I'm slowly losing points, what is going on?

Past a certain size, your cells will start to decay. This means that they slowly shrink; in other words, you will slowly lose points. The points lost through decay are added back into the game as food. This feature exists to prevent large cells from dominating the game too easily.

I bought into the game and died immediately and lost my coins right away, why is there no spawn protection?

That would be unfair to the people that are already playing. Like playing a game of poker, once you have bought in you never know what hand you will get and how the game will progress. The golden rule is this: never play more than you can afford to lose!

Why is my price money sometimes different from the score on the screen?

The score you see on the screen during play is an estimation calculated by your browser. The actual exact score is calculated by the game server itself. At the end of the game, the actual score is what you receive. It should never differ more than a few Satoshi.

I won a lot more than the score on my screen! Is this a glitch?

Certainly not! Some playgrounds may be set to divide the remaining cash pool (food that has not been picked up) amongst the winning players as a little extra.

I suddenly died! Why did this happen?

Non-free playgrounds have additional protection in place to prevent cheating and unfair play. On non-free playgrounds, you can only have one simultaneous game session per account. This means that if you are currently playing on a non-free playground, and your friend joins the same non-free playground using your account, the old session (which would be your session) will be disconnected. The same applies if you try to join a playground multiple times in different browser tabs.

I've seen a player with an offensive name. Can you ban him?

We do not encourage players to choose names that might offense other players. However, we can't ban any combination of words in any language that somebody might find offensive. Furthermore we highlight the importance of Freedom of Speech. We kindly invite you to deal with players with offensive names yourself in the playgrounds!

I think I saw someone cheat, what do I do?

We strive to provide a fun, but more importantly, fair playing community. If you are certain that someone is cheating, please contact us right away (and be sure to include some proof). However, please be absolutely certain it is not just a mechanic of the game you do not know about. For example, it is possible for a player to eat a bomb in certain situations... How? That is for you to find out!