on 22nd May 2010 Laszlo Hanyecz paid a fellow Bitcoin Talk forum user 10.000 Bitcoin for two pizzas. Back then – when the technology was just over a year old – that equated to roughly $25, but is $4.40m by today’s exchange rate. Since this was the first time Bitcoin was exchanged for goods the 22nd May marks a historic transaction. We want to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day with you and will have a special tournament today.

Starting at 20:00 UTC we will first have a match in our new Team playground (Lowroller) with a guaranteed prize pool of 0.1 BTC which will be shared equally among all players of the winning team. We will play for 15 minutes and the buy-in is a minimal 0.00001 BTC.

Afterwards the big guys will have a tournament in the usual Tournament playground without teaming. We guarantee a prize pool of 0.25 which will be shared among all players who are alive after 15 minutes (rebuy possible) according to their respective size. Buy-in is 0.001. (provisional balance is accepted- all buy-ins are added to the prize pool + the guaranteed amount)

Spread the word and we are looking forward to see you later,

Chopcoin Team