Announcements regarding our community
Price of buy-in for Tournament

The buyin of the tournament playground was lowered from 0.001 to 0.0001 BTC.
The tournament is every Saturday at 21h (9PM) UTC

Have fun!

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Ik kan niet met het spel verbinden, waarom? (I cannot connect to the game, why?)

Er kan een browser plugin of firewall zijn die jouw verbinding blokkeert. Controleer dit en probeer het opnieuw.

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A place to talk about Chopcoin

Hola Humanos XD

Hola yo soy Roy, soy argentino y empece a jugar este año :)

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You have some questions or need help? Go here!

Lag LAg LAG!!! No matter how you say it. It is never a good thing.

@tiCeR no problem i like helping out when i can

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Post your videos, scripts, etc...

Tournament Video From June 18th, Featuring EXED

@HPrivakos Awesome, I'll check it out. Thank you!

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ayuda no puedo jujar

chequea si tenes activado/actualizado el Javascript,sino, tambien podria ser por el navegador que uses. Suerte y espero que te funcione

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Team King

Please write a correct sentence, I never understand what you are saying.

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_WalletLookup Logo

Walletlookup enables you to monitor your cryptocurrency balances in one place without the need to provide your private keys. With Walletlookup you don't need to download any blockchain or visit different block explorers to lookup your coin balances since all of your coin data are updated regularly which includes exchange rates and value in fiat.

To explore other benefits of Walletlookup all you need to do is: Simply register an account and select the coin you want to monitor and insert the public wallet address. Values of your collected coins in BTC, USD & Euro are monitored and the data gets fetched and updated from CryptoCompare or directly from exchanges.



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