Here at we offer several different so-called 'play types'. A 'play type' defines how players join the game. More information on the specific types can be found below.

It is free to join by everyone.

The pot play type is a paid play type. The buy-in (minus a small fee) is added to a total cash pot! At the end of the round, this pot is divided amongst all surviving players by means of their end score. The bigger you are at the end, the bigger your share of the pot! You can always see the current total pot at the bottom of the game screen when you are connected to a pot playground.

The faucet play type is special, it is free to join by everyone, but you can still win something!

With this play type, a few top players win a fixed amount of coins at the end of the round. To keep it fair, there has to be a minimum number of players before the faucet pays out any coins.

King of the Hill
The king gets paid a prize every time the round timer reaches 0. It works like this: once you become a king, the timer will start ticking for you (timer appears on the top, with a crown next to it), when it reaches 0 you receive a payout, and the timer resets. If you lose your spot in the meantime, the timer stops without you receiving anything. Thus, with a round time of 180, a player will need to remain first for at least 180 (3 minutes) seconds to receive a payout.