You can support chopcoin with buying a donator status:

/donate <type>
Check this link for more information ->

You can get a list of all avaliable commands:


You can tip another player by typing:

/tip <username> <amount in BTC>
Example: /tip tiCeR 0.1

You can whisper another player by typing:

/w <username> <message>
Example: /w tiCeR hello.

/whisper <username> <message>
Example: /whisper tiCeR hello.

/pm <username> <message>
Example: /pm tiCeR hello.

You can reply to the last private message by typing:

/r <message>
Example: /r message.

You can send a message to all mods that are online:

/mods <message>
Example: /mods There is a team on faucet playground

You can ignor a user on chat:

/ignore <username>
Example: /ignore tiCeR

You can check if a user is online:

/online <username>
Example: /online tiCeR

You can reconnect to the chat: